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Pozzolan Soap

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  • Unit Price 15000 KRW
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Product Detail Information

A clothe made into different style with a very refreshing texture.- Size(Width*Length*Height):110x75x5(mm)
- Material(raw material) : hanji, leather string
- Wrapping(raw material) : Paper box
- Warranty and A/S : Not available

Cooler than air-conditioner, Punggi rayon(artificial silk)
Wear nature, wear health.
We only use 100% rayon (hemp product is made with 100% hemp textile)
Characteristics of rayon: rayon is a pure natural textile made by threads extracted from a pulp. It is a beneficial healthy textile for just born babies, children having weak skin including allergic skin, and atopic skin.

A person who feels hotness due to one’s inner body contains much heat can feel very cool and refreshing sensation when the textile contacts the body, because its property is cold due to the nature of tree.
Compared to other natural textiles like ramie fabric or hemp cloth, the price is lower and economic.
Rayon is thin, light; refreshing because it is fast for sweat absorption, soft to the touch that it does not stick to skin. It provides a very cool feeling with a great air permeability.
No static, the feeling is cool and refreshing.
Laundry Precautions:

Rayon as a natural textile is made from a tree, that it is weaker in water than other chemical textiles. Hand wash is preferred. Never use a washing machine.
Spread it with hands at a ventilating shade for dry, then it will be easier to iron as well. It is more convenient to iron before the textile is completely dried up. Completely dried clothing can be dried well with some water sprayed. The cloth would not get much wrinkled if shaken off and dried right after the laundry. Recent textiles are manufactured with improved technology on creases and contraction, therefore shrinking or creases does not frequently occur after laundry. 


Exchange/Refund request and delivery guidance
In case of a product loss or damage due to the customer’s responsibility, it is not available for an exchange or refund. 
If a customer needs an exchange with a personal reason such as change of mind, or size, there is a parcel delivery fee.
Even if the cloth has a faulty, you cannot exchange, return, or refund once you did laundry of the cloth.
Exchange/return requests can be made within 7 days of provided date.
(Except for the loss or damage of the product due to the customer’s responsibility)
Except for when it is impossible to resell the product due to elapsed time
Except for the case when value of the product is declined due to customer’s use or consumption.




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Pozzolan Soap