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Happion LED Anion Air Cleaner

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  • Weight600 g
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T
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  • Unit Price 240000 KRW
    (200.0 USD)
  • Shipping CompanyOthers
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[Global Gangwon Trade Co Ltd]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Mixed of a LED lighting, a functional pot, and an anion air cleaner, it is world’s first multi-functional air cleaner. With LED lighting that equals to natural veranda lighting, ornamental value of interior plants increases at least twice much. At night, you can use it as a mood light(4 levels of lighting adjustment).

- Anion: Generates over 2 million anions. Non-ozone. Removes detriments in the air including cigarette smoke. Health enhancement effect.
- No need to change filter, zero maintenance fee. Monthly electronic fee is less than 500 won.  
- Interior accessories function.


Happion Features :
1. Generates over 2 million vitamin anions in the air.
About 3,000 anions in forests, 15,000 anions in falls are found in the nature. Happion generates more than 2 million anions.
2. Non-Ozone  0.000ppm
Ozone(O3) is used as air purification or sterilization with its characteristic of oxygen breakdown, but it is detrimental to human body that an exposure for a longer period of time on ozone can be harmful to the body. Happion generates zero ozone, you can use it without anxiety.
3. LED lighting and functional pot by joint development with Rural Development Administration (patented)
Different to general anionic table air cleaners, jointly developed air cleaner with Rural Development Administration has a functional LED pot module on it. LED lighting of Happion, which is a lighting for plants, can help elongate dividing lifespan by photosynthesis, and can give a luxurious interior mood by using it as interior lighting at night with 4 different lighting modes.
4. No need to change filters
Happion does not use a high priced filter for air purification. Instead, we applied an air filter that enables water cleansing, so it is possible to use for semi-permanently without a need of additional fee for filter change.
5. Low power consumption
 With a power consumption under 4W, if you turn it on for 24 hours, monthly electricity fee is under 500 won(50 cent). You can use it for all day long without worrying about electric charge.
6. Outstanding design (designated as excellent design)
  Small and simple design makes interior more delicate and luxurious.
7. Neutralizes, removes pollutants in the air.
Cigarette smoke removal test of Happion air cleaner 

8. Helps to deodorize interior and emotional stability, improve concentration and relieve insomnia. 
9. Enhances blood circulation and helps to improve immunity.



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Happion LED Anion Air Cleaner